Pest Control in Jacksonville, Arkansas

Whether it flies, stings or just hangs around, Bug Pro is armed with the tools to get rid of pests at home and in the office around our 75-mile coverage area in Cabot, Arkansas.

We offer customized services on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually basis. We cover outside pest treatment. We handle removal of black widows and brown recluses. With a team of experienced technicians and over 18 years on the job, Bug Pro is here to get the best of your pests. As always, we provide free estimates so there is no reason to wait!

Among the pests we exterminate are:

•Ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants
•Palmetto bugs (Wood Roach or Water Roach)
•Stinging insects – African bees, bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, termites, ticks and web worm
We are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week and cover everything from animal proofing, fumigation to insecticide spraying, lawn spraying, pest damage repairs, pest protection, pet and kid friendly products, a rodent control program and more. Rely on our more than 18 years of experience to add your name to the list of satisfied customers in Cabot, Arkansas.

What’s more, Bug Pro has specialized services you won’t find elsewhere.

The list includes:

•EPA-approved methods and chemical applications
•Service agreements and contracts
•Soil treatment for new construction
•Termite certificates and termite damage protection plans
•Customized treatment plans
•Professional guidance and help for do-it-yourselfers

General Information

Spiders:These eight-legged pests can bite and inject venom in their victims, including humans. They are found in all sorts of places in homes and businesses, making their way in through cracks and crevices, among other spots. There are well over 40,000 species of spiders in the world.


Scorpion:Scorpions usually live outside, but can move indoors in search of food. They use open spaces under doors and windows and can enter through foundation cracks. They also come in hidden spaces around homes and businesses. Their stings are painful and can require medical attention.


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Honey Bee Removal in Jacksonville, Arkansas

There is nothing sweet about a honey bee infestation, right? It can feel as though you’re being held hostage in your own home or business. Bug Pro’s experienced, highly-trained technicians will come out and remove this pest or apply a treatment to rid you of the aggressive and (sometimes) literally stinging bees.

For more than 18 years, we have made Cabot, Arkansas safe from the tiny-yet-intimidating bees and their “friends.” Some people can suffer life-threatening consequences from a bee sting and many others live in fear of their kids being targeted, as well as themselves.

Because honey bees can emit pheromones that trigger aggression by other stinging insects around them – like yellow jackets and hornets it is important to handle each situation uniquely because everyone has a different concern. There are 44 sub-species of honey bees and we’ve beaten all of them in Cabot, Arkansas. Call or contact us TODAY to sling the sting!

General Information
Honey Bee: Known for storing honey, these bees build colonies out of wax and can sting people and animals when they are disturbed.


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Termite Control in Jacksonville, Arkansas

Is something bugging you about an unusual crack in your home or business’s paint or wood? Have you put off calling an expert?

Cabot, Arkansas, let’s face it – few things worry home and business owners more than discovering a termite infestation. Too late. These pests work behind the scenes (or walls, to be more precise) and reek incredible damage that costs lots of money to fix, often without insurance to cover it. Before you reach the point of despair, Bug Pro has a few pointers to keep termites from wrecking your home and/or business.

Look for cracks or unusual bubbling in paint
If you tap woodwork and it sounds hollow, termites could be the culprit
If you witness mud tubes on outdoor walls, beams or crawl spaces
Trust our 18-plus years of experience in Cabot, Arkansas to handle your termite problem. We are well aware of the 50-plus active termite species in the United States. We know the warning signs and effective treatments so you don’t have to!

Services we offer:

Termite control
Clearance letter when they’re gone
Termite control cost description
WDI forms
Renewable termite control contracts
Termite damage assessment
Termite swarmer techniques
Clearance letters for real estate properties
Annual termite inspection clearance renewal and service contract
Wood destroying insects form for the customer to keep
Provide our expertise in handling termite control yourself
More than anything else, Bug Pro wants you to rest easy that our services take the worry and stress out of termite control. Our 75-mile radius covers a host of satisfied customers who turned to us and made those silent destroyers a thing of the past. Call or contact us today!

General Information
Termites: A silent killer, termites work as colonies while feeding on wood, dead leaves, soil and other matter. They destroy property, including homes, crops and the like. Signs of an infestation should not be ignored.


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